Competitive Open Map Pool (COMP)

The Competitive Open Map Pool (COMP) is as an alternative solution to a global map pool. All selected maps in this map pool will be completely free to use for any tournament/event organiser. 

This is a solution to a number of problems competitive Trackmania faces on a regular basis. Here are some primary characteristics of this map pool:

  • Organisers now have the ability to solve the problem of schedule overriding by commonly agreeing on sharing maps from the COMP. This permits players to decrease practice time and increase competitive play time.
  • The amount of time and skill required for a map to be created, compared to the amount of time that map will ever be played, will become more balanced than it is in the current state. 
  • Recruiting a team of map testers and waiting for mappers to submit enough quality maps will no longer be a necessity when organising a competition. These maps will be available to everyone, resulting in a competitive climate that will become more accessible to new initiatives.
  • A seasonal map rotation allows for more time to build and test maps, leading to higher quality maps being submitted and selected. 

Map submission is now open:


COMP Design

  • Map pools will be divided into quarters per year 
    • Q1: January – March
    • Q2: April – June
    • Q3: July – September
    • Q4: October – December
  • Each quarter will have 2 map pools, one for tech and one for dirt
  • For each map pool 7 maps will be selected
  • Each map submission will have to come in 3 different length versions:
    • V1: 40-50s
    • V2: 50-60s
    • V3: 60-70s

Q4 2019 COMP

Map Requirements

  • TMStadium Titlepack
  • Minimal or no use of blockmix
  • Minimal or no use of custom blocks
  • The mapping process can not be streamed
  • The map will remain private until the map is either selected or declined
  • Maximum 1 additional author can collaborate at the submitted map
  • The name of the map will follow the following template:
    • For the v1 map: Q4 2019 (V1) *Author1* (feat. *Author2*)
    • For the v2 map: Q4 2019 (V2) *Author1* (feat. *Author2*)
    • For the v3 map: Q4 2019 (V3) *Author1* (feat. *Author2*)
  • An author can submit any number of maps, but only one map per author will be selected in a quarter’s map pool, regardless if as a primary or collaborative author
  • Provide as much sign/banner placements as possible. (Each organiser will have the right to add their own sign pack and banners).
  • The extended versions (v2,v3) must have the same starting point as v1, meaning that by extension, you extend the last section of the map. V2 must be exactly as v1, but the finish should be further. V3 must be exactly as v2, but the finish even further.
  • Progressive difficulty per version:
    • V1: easy/medium
    • V2: medium/hard
    • V3: hard (risky finish highly appreciated)

Terms of use

  • Each organiser has the right to edit the map name, but he is required to credit the map author(s) in the map’s name.
  • Each organiser has the right to edit the sign pack and place custom banners.
  • Each organiser is strongly advised to use maps that are included in the most recently released COMP map pool.


  • Q4 2019
    • Map submission open from 1st of August until 31st of August 2019
    • Map testing and selection process starts 1st of September and ends 30th of September 2019
    • Map pool will be live from 1st of October 2019 until 31st of December 2019
  • Q1 2020
    • Map submission open from 1st of November until 30th of November 2019
    • Map testing and selection process starts 1st of December and ends 31st of December 2019
    • Map pool will be live from 1st of January 2019 until 31st of March 2019

Please note that all presented information is still subject to change until 1st of August, when map submission is officially open. Until then, feedback would be very much appreciated.


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